Google doodle celebrates the Saudi Arabia’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Saudi Arabia’s National Day

Saudi Arabia’s National Day is honoured in today’s Google Doodle. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was formally established on this day in 1932 when the Najd and Hijaz states united.

The most well-known festivities take place in Riyadh, the kingdom’s capital, but localities all around the nation have their unique customs for celebrating. In Riyadh, people gather in the streets and wave the green and white national flag, which is similar to the one in today’s Google Doodle. Aircraft soar over the cities as they are being passed by.

Many people spend the day in traditional folk festivals, while others shop at malls to take advantage of the numerous holiday specials. Families enjoy meals like the national dish kabsa, which combines rice, raisins, and chicken that has been roasted to a golden brown. The skyline of homes and buildings that are lit by green fireworks at night. The theme for this year’s National Day is “We Dream and Achieve,” which was motivated by the country’s rapid progress and bright prospects.

Saudi Arabia, happy national day!


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