Google Doodle celebrates the Paraguay Independence Day

Google Doodle celebrates the Paraguay Independence Day

Today’s doodle celebrates Paraguay’s Independence Day, also known as Da de la Independencia Nacional. On this day in 1811, the South American country formally declared its sovereignty over Spain.

On Independence Day, Paraguayans gather for parades and concerts, and a sea of ​​straw hats and colorful blouses fills the streets. It is also popular to host asados ​​(outdoor barbecues) among family and friends and perform traditional dances such as the polka and galopela.

People will be flying the red, white, and blue tricolor flag whether they are at home or on the street. As depicted in today’s piece, Paraguay’s flag is especially unique compared to other countries. Symbols such as the coat of arms of the country and the seal of the Ministry of Finance are depicted on both sides.

Happy Independence Day, Paraguay!

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