Google doodle celebrates the Oman’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Oman’s National Day

The National Day of Oman and the liberation of the oldest independent nation in the Arab world are celebrated in today’s Doodle. Oman ended nearly 150 years of Portuguese colonisation on this day in 1650 by driving the Portuguese forces out of the nation and its ports.

Students begin the holiday by singing Oman’s national anthem, also known as as-Salâm as-Solṭâni or نشيد السلام السلطاني. People of all ages dance to the folk music that permeates the streets, showing their strong pride in the nation. The Omani flag, similar to the one seen in today’s Doodle, flutters from every streetlight, while cars, bridges, and buildings are all decked out in national colours and patriotic symbols.

During the holidays, family and friends frequently get together, and there are plenty of events to satisfy everyone’s tastes, including horse performances, maritime festivals, and camel racing. There is a fun activity for everyone, regardless of whether they would rather celebrate their country’s culture or just enjoy spending time with loved ones.

Oman, happy National Day!


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