Google doodle celebrates the Latvia’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Latvia’s Independence Day

Latvijas Republikas proklamēšanas diena, or Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, is the local name for today’s Doodle celebration of Latvia’s Independence Day. In 1918, Latvia declared its independence from Russian and German rule on this day.

People throughout the country dress warmly for public events like concerts and parades. Thousands of people cheer military men and marching bands as they pass by during Riga’s yearly parade. Two red smoke streams are spat out by an aircraft flying overhead, emulating the red and white flag waving in today’s Doodle.

Throughout the day, Latvians gather around the Freedom Monument. In remembrance of those who fought for Latvia’s independence, many lay flowers, and later on, large gatherings reassemble to listen to federal delegates discuss the country’s history, achievements, and future. Upon the onset of darkness, expansive processions illuminating the streets serve as a stunning tribute to Latvia’s struggle for independence.

Happy Independence Day, Latvia!


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