Google doodle celebrates the Labor Day 2023

Google doodle celebrates the Labor Day 2023

The Google Doodle for today honour to workers in the US and Canada as well as those who have advocated for and are still fighting for improved working conditions. The first Labour Day celebration was a large march that took place in New York City at the start of September 1882.

Trade and labour unions joined forces and staged strikes in the 19th century to demand employment standards like 40-hour work weeks, paid time off, safety precautions, and sick leave that are now frequently disregarded. Union officials started pushing for a day of recognition for the contributions that workers provide to society. The Central Labour Union approved a proposal for the event and got to work planning the first march in New York City.

It was initially made a legal holiday in 1887 in Oregon. By the end of the year, many had done the same, but it wasn’t until 1894 that it was declared a federal holiday in the United States and Canada.

Happy Labour Day to all labour leaders and employees, past, present, and future!


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