Google doodle celebrates the Kazakhstan Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Kazakhstan Independence Day

Kazakhstan Independence Day is celebrated in today’s Doodle. This day in 1991 marked the end of the Soviet Union’s decades-long supremacy over the country.

The name Kazakh, meaning “wanderer,” alludes to the country’s past of nomadic existence and the great love of freedom held by its people. In reality, Kazakhstan is home to over 130 different ethnic groups, thus the holiday provides a great chance to honour the country’s differed history.

As shown in the artwork of today, the Kazakh flag is flown with pride all across the country. The light blue flag features an eagle, sun, and traditional golden Kazakh design, indicating the wide skies that nomadic nomads have always lived under.

Officially starting on December 16th, Independence Day celebrations stretch into the next day as residents continue to savour traditional foods like tandyr nan bread and fermented dairy drinks in addition to stunning yurts.

Kazakhstan, happy Independence Day!


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