Google doodle celebrates the International Women’s Day

Google doodle celebrates the International Women’s Day

This Doodle honors every progress made in the direction of gender equality as well as International Women’s Day. The first International Women’s Day (IWD) was observed by the UN on this day in 1975.

Two early Women’s Day demonstrations—one in Saint Petersburg and the other in New York City—are remembered on March 8. Even though they took place in various years and places, these protests shared the same goal of attaining gender equality, which included the right to vote, fair and safe employment, and the ability women run for public office.

Today’s IWD marches center on issues including reproductive rights, ending violence against women, and the gap in pay between men and women. Women who have battled for equality, changed society, and served as role models for people all through are honored today.

The progress women have made over the years would not have been possible without the courageous actions of our predecessors. To those who paved the way and those who carry the torch, happy International Women’s Day.

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