Google doodle celebrates the Iceland National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Iceland National Day

Icelandic National Day, or jó hátardagur slands, is celebrated on today’s Doodle. Europe’s westernmost nation celebrates two significant historical anniversaries on June 17: the day it became a republic for the first time in 1944 and the birthday of Jón Sigursson, an iconic independence leader and politician.

In 1944, Icelanders elected their own president and voted in favor of complete independence from Denmark. Today, celebrations are held in various locales across the nation, including towns and cities. Parades are typically led by small, friendly Icelandic horses, accompanied by brass bands. The blue, red, and white Icelandic flag, which is depicted in today’s Doodle, is painted on the faces of onlookers. In Reykjavk, the capital, people gather in front of the parliament in front of a massive bronze statue of Sigursson to celebrate the day.

Traditional music performances and speeches from government officials are other common celebrations. National dishes like Icelandic yogurt and hákarl, or fermented shark, are popular with many people.

Iceland, Happy National Day!

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