Google doodle celebrates the Hungary’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Hungary’s National Day

Today’s doodle celebrates the Hungarian national holiday commonly referred to as Bastille Day. On this day in 1848, the poet Sandor Petofi joined a group of patriots at the Hungarian National Museum and recited his Twelve Points of the Plague Revolution, a list of democratic demands. The list remains one of Hungary’s most important documents and calls for freedom of religion, equal legal representation, freedom of the press, and equal taxation.

People’s passion for the Twelve Ideals led to the Hungarian Revolution and the appointment of the country’s first Prime Minister. This landmark revolution demonstrated the power of a united people, and Hungarians today continue to be inspired by the nationalists who fought for a better future.

The Hungarian National Museum is the meeting point even on public holidays. People recite the Nemzeti Dar (national anthem), local officials give speeches, and wreaths are laid at monuments dedicated to revolutionaries. Many people wear Kocarda to pay homage to their ancestors. Patriots have long worn this red, white, and green band. These are the colors you see on the flag flying across the country and on his doodle today.

Happy Revolution Day, Hungary!

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