Google doodle celebrates the Ghana’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Ghana’s Independence Day

Today’s doodle celebrates Ghana’s independence. On this day in 1957, Ghana officially became the first free nation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Every year on March 6, people gather in the streets for parades and carnivals, and schools and stores close. Like today’s graffiti, the Ghanaian flag flies across the country. The red, yellow and green tricolor flag with a black star in the center represents independence, wealth and the country’s forests and farms.

Highlife music fills the air as children and military personnel parade through Ghana’s major cities. Cooking traditional dishes such as Waakye (delicious rice and beans) and Jollof Rice (a delicious bowl of peppers and tomatoes) is a family favorite. At night, fireworks light up Ghana’s skyline as people finish their celebrations.

Happy Independence Day, Ghana!

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