Google doodle celebrates the German Unity Day

Google doodle celebrates the German Unity Day

German Unity Day, which honours the historic union of East and West Germany on this day in 1990, is the subject of today’s hand-quilted Doodle.

Following decades of separation, loved ones were reunited when the Berlin Wall fell a year earlier, allowing for the first time in history for people to travel freely within Germany. Differences between the East and West in terms of culture and economy, however, were difficult to bridge.

Today, Germans all around the country reflect their hard reunion and their determination to create a braided culture of mutual understanding. The purpose of the national holiday is to celebrate the many cultures and identities of the nation while also fostering a sense of community.

Even though they may hold different opinions, East and West Germans will always be linked by history. Nearly 1,400 km of lovely greenery have since replaced the ancient concrete barrier and barbed wires, serving as a symbol of hope and fresh starts. The East and West working on either side of the wall to reunite is depicted in today’s Doodle.

Happy German Unity Day to all! Einen schönen Tag der Deutschen Einheit!



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