Google doodle celebrates the Croatia’s Statehood Day

Google doodle celebrates the Croatia’s Statehood Day

Today’s Doodle celebrates Croatia’s Statehood Day, known locally as Dan Drjavnosti. On this day in 1990, Croatia established its first democratically elected parliament, taking a crucial step towards independence.

To mark the 33rd Statehood Day, the president, prime minister and local dignitaries wow crowds with speeches that honor the past and look to the future. Government officials also hold wreath-laying and candle-lighting ceremonies at landmarks and monuments to honor those who fought in the Croatian War of Independence and for the nation’s freedom.

Making the most of the warm weather, families and friends often celebrate with outdoor events. Others head to the capital, Zagreb’s historic Jelačić Square to watch soldiers marching with drummers in a military parade. Croatia’s red, white and blue tricolor can be seen flying proudly at events across the country (and in today’s Doodle).

Happy Statehood Day, Croatia!

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