Google doodle celebrates the Chile’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Chile’s National Day

The Google Doodle for today honours Chile’s National Holidays! By creating the Primera Junta de Gobierno (First Assembly Board) on this date in 1810, Chile made a crucial first move towards its independence from Spain.

Numerous events are held all around the country to remember Chile’s hard struggle for independence, also known as Fiestas Patrias or Dieciocho. The major military and naval parades will march tomorrow on the Day of the Glories of the Army, while some patriotic marches feature huasos (Chilean cowboys) who stroll past while being accompanied by music. On both holidays, the blue, white, and red Chilean flag appears next to shops, houses, and festival tents. Today is a popular day for kite flying and other outdoor activities because to the calm spring winds.

The whole public is invited to fondas, which feature patriotic decorations, dancing, games, and food such as empanadas de pino, choripan, and anticuchos. The national dance of Chile, the cueca, is frequently performed. People in every region of the nation dress traditionally, donning “chupallas,” colourful swishy dresses, and riding boots with spurs. The three-legged pigs, depicted in today’s Doodle, are another uniquely Chilean tradition among many others. Due to the widespread belief that three-legged pigs bring good fortune and abundance, it is customary to give them away and collect them. The cities of Pomaire, famous for its red clay pottery, and Quinchamal, famous for its black clay with white patterns, are represented by the pigs in the Doodle.

Happy National Holidays, Chile!

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