Google doodle celebrates the Bangladesh’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Bangladesh’s Independence Day

Today’s doodle celebrates Bangladesh’s Independence Day. This holiday commemorates the moment when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence on this day in 1971.

On the eve of Independence Day, a select number of people and organizations are presented with Independence Day Awards in recognition of their extraordinary achievements. The annual awards recognize scientists, athletes, writers, musicians, artists and more. The next day, large-scale events such as parades, concerts, and rallies are held across the country.

Like a work of art today, many people wear traditional green and red sarees and kurtas, showing their pride in the country’s colors as they stroll through streets decorated with the Bangladeshi flag. Green represents progress, youth, and the country’s lush landscape, while red symbolizes sacrifice, rebirth, and sunrise.

Happy Independence Day, Bangladesh!

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