Google doodle celebrates the Bahrain National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Bahrain National Day

National Day, a two-day holiday in Bahrain, begins with today’s Doodle. This day in 1971 saw the fall of British control from Bahrain and the ascension of Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa as the country’s first in charge emir.

On National Day, the Kingdom of Bahrain comes alive with celebration for the nation’s successes. But Bahrain’s history and culture go far beyond 1971; people have lived on the islands since prehistoric times. All kinds of entertainers appear, and the public watches contests, magic acts, and laser light displays. Bahrainis also celebrate the occasion with cultural exhibitions showcasing their language, artwork, and musical performances such as Fjiri, a tradition that honours the country’s pearling history.

All across the country are the colours of Bahrain’s flag, as shown in today’s Doodle. Attractions such as the Riffa Clock Tower are illuminated with red and white lights, while trees and buildings are decorated with hanging lights. Fireworks light up the night sky, but don’t worry, tomorrow’s celebrations will go on!

Happy National Day, Bahrain.


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