Google doodle celebrates the Algerian Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Algerian Independence Day

Algerian Independence Day is a national holiday that honors the difficulties the country’s people faced on the way to independence. This day is celebrated in today’s Doodle. After 132 years, the nation was freed from French colonial rule on this date in 1962.

In 1954, Algeria began fighting for its own independence. After an exhausting eight years of fighting for independence, freedom was achieved. The Evian Accords, a peace treaty between the two nations, were signed in March 1962, and the country’s independence was declared at the beginning of July. Algeria praises its autonomy on July fifth, the celebrates of the underlying French invasion, giving the day new significance and affiliation.

Algerians gather for celebrations like parades, concerts, and cultural events to show their pride in their country and preserve traditions. The country’s flag, a vertical bicolor of green and white with a red crescent moon and star in the middle, is featured in today’s Doodle. The banner flies gladly across the republic today, and individuals frequently wear these varieties to show positive energy.

Algeria, Happy Independence Day!

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