Google doodle celebrates the Albania Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Albania Independence Day

The yearly Doodle honours Albanian Independence Day today! This national holiday honours the battles and sacrifices made in the wake of more than four centuries of foreign domination to win freedom. The All-Albanian Congress met at the Assembly of Vlorë on this day in 1912 and signed the declaration of independence.

Albanians get together to celebrate Independence Day by going to parades, concerts, and fireworks displays, among other events. The majority of historical buildings and museums are accessible to the general public, enabling guests to consider the nation’s journey towards freedom. The most well-liked occasion is held in Tirana’s Skanderbeg Square, where officials deliver remarks whilst the national flag flies overhead, akin to the artwork of the present day.

A significant aspect of Independence Day celebrations is food. Everyone enjoys traditional national cuisine like qofte (spicy meatballs), tava e kosit (lamb and rice cooked with yoghurt), and byrek (savoury pies loaded with stuffing). Furthermore, baklava—a sweet confection with layers of nuts—remains an irresistible, must-try treat for everyone with a sweet taste.

Albania, happy Independence Day!


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