Google doodle celebrates the 92nd Birthday of Mexican singer and actress Lola Beltrán

Google doodle celebrates the 92nd Birthday of Mexican singer and actress Lola Beltrán

This Doodle honors Lola Beltrán, a singer and actress from Mexico. The renowned performer revitalized beloved songs and helped to the global success of Mexican Ranchera music.

Beltrán was raised in El Rosario, Sinaloa, in a working-class family. Her love of singing was sparked by her church choir, and she developed a ballad obsession. In order to further her singing career, Beltrán relocated to Mexico City in 1953 with her mother.

After getting a job as a secretary at a popular radio station, Beltran was given the opportunity to participate in an on-air singing competition. She didn’t just win. Her producers were so impressed that they helped her get a record deal. Ms. Beltran began covering her popular songs on the air and even managed to get her own radio show, but she had bigger dreams.

She Beltran collaborated with songwriters to create stories about outsiders seeking and deserving salvation. Her melancholy voice and her sensibilities resonated with people across Mexico, and her songs such as “Cielito Paloma” and “Cielito Lindo” made her a sought-after talent. Although she sang about the country’s working class, she succeeded in captivating audiences from all walks of life.

Beltrán was the first ranchera singer to perform at Mexico City’s prestigious El Palacio de Bellas Artes. She has also sung for presidents and leaders around the world. Beltran recorded her 100 albums and appeared in 50 movies throughout her career. She inspired generations of Mexican singers to explore folk music and sing about their authentic experiences.

Happy Birthday, Laura Beltran!

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