Google doodle celebrates the 80th Birthday of French-Iranian photographer and journalist ‘Abbas Attar’

Google doodle celebrates the 80th Birthday of French-Iranian photographer and journalist ‘Abbas Attar’

Abbas Attar, a French-Iranian journalist and photographer, is honored in this Doodle. Mostly recognized by his pen name Abbas, he became well-known for his photojournalism and essays chronicling conflicts, religions, and the miseries of local people all over the world. His goal was to capture the “suspended moment” by using his signature black-and-white photography to show societies in conflict.

Little is known about Abbas’ early life, but he became obsessed with photography before moving to Paris. He began focusing on reporting on social development in developing countries.

During his six-decade career, he covered wars and revolutions in the Middle East, including Biafra, Bangladesh, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, Bosnia, the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Chile, Cuba, and apartheid-era South Africa. Point of contact with society.

From 1978 to 1979, Mr. Abbas covered the Iranian revolution. This visionary work documenting the rise of religious fundamentalism was published in the groundbreaking book Iran: The Dispossessed Revolution. After the revolution, Abbas traveled throughout Mexico, trying to define his own aesthetic. He photographed the country the way novelists write about it, resulting in the books Return to Oapan and Return to Mexico, Journeys Beyond the Mask.

Over the next several years, Abbas documented the world’s major religions, starting with the resurgence of Islamic extremism that began in 1987. This work became especially important after his 9/11, prompting him to document its consequences on his seven-year journey through 16 countries. Islamic world. Later, he photographed Christianity, animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and finally, at the time of his death, Judaism. His visionary research examined how religious fanaticism has replaced political ideology as the primary cause of conflict around the world.

His work has been published around the world, and Abbas was an experienced member of a famous photography agency and one of the greatest photographers of all time. His humanizing image lives on, inspiring future generations to seek clarity and honesty to better understand our world. and the people who live there.

Happy Birthday Abbas!

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