Google doodle celebrates the 76th Birthday of French singer ‘France Gall’

Google doodle celebrates the 76th Birthday of French singer ‘France Gall’

France Gall, a French singer who debuted on the Yé-yé scene at the age of 16, is honoured in today’s video Doodle, which was created by Paris-based guest artist Mathilde Loubes. She was born Isabelle on this date in Paris in the year 1947.

It is hardly surprising that Gall chose to work in music given that she was raised in a family of lyricists, composers, choir founders, and singers. She began playing the piano and guitar in her teens, and with the help of her father, she secured a contract with a music publisher at the age of 15. Under the alias France Gall, she published her first song, Ne Sois Pas Si Bête (Don’t Be so Silly), which was first heard on the radio on the day she turned 16.

Gall represented Luxembourg at the 1965 version of the Eurovision song contest. She won the competition’s first prize with her bouncy rendition of Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son (Wax Doll, Sound Doll), which is regarded as the first pop song to do so. By this time, the young Gall was widely regarded as a key character in the Yé-yé movement; the following year, she was named France’s top female pop singer, which was concurrent with a successful international career.

Over the years, Gall collaborated with a number of composers and songwriters, most notably Michel Berger, whom she would wed in 1976. Évidemment (Evidently), La Déclaration D’amour (Declaration of Love), and Mon Fils Rira du Rock ‘n’ Roll (My Son Will Laugh At Rock’N’Roll) are some of their most well-known joint efforts. She gave live performances and played the lead role in the 1979 rock opera Starmania, for which her husband wrote the music.

Four albums by France Gall were released in the 1980s: Babacar, Débranche!, Tout Pour la Musique, and Paris, France. Many of her songs reached the top of the charts, including Il Jouait Du Piano Debout (He Played Piano Standing), which is featured in today’s Doodle and Ella, elle l’a (Ella’s She’s Got It). At Sir Elton John’s request, France worked with him on two duets at this time. She still found time to carry out charitable activity, somehow. She organised food drives, hosted fundraisers, donated the revenues from some of her songs, and worked hands-on for issues she believed in over the years.

Over the course of her 50+ year career, Gall has co-written the musical Résiste, recorded over 15 albums, performed in sold-out venues across three continents, and made her mark on an international music competition. The pop performer’s life and career were immortalised in the 2001 documentary France Gall par France Gall.

Happy birthday to this French music icon!


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