Google doodle celebrates St. David’s Day in Wales

Google doodle celebrates St. David’s Day in Wales

In Wales, St. David’s Day, or Dydd Gyl Dewi Sant in Welsh, is observed. St. David was made a saint on this date in 589, becoming the patron saint of Wales.

A national St. David’s Day Parade is held every year on March 1 in Cardiff, where bands and schoolchildren march in traditional Welsh costumes. They carry the Welsh flag while donning bright red gowns and dark tall hats.

A red dragon rises atop a green and white background on Wales’ flag. Dinas Emrys’s legend says that two dragons fighting in a cave below a Celtic king’s castle caused it to repeatedly fall. In the end, a red dragon won out and came to symbolize Welsh pride. The country’s buildings and homes are now adorned with the flag.

Items found in Wales served as inspiration for today’s vibrant Doodle. The daffodil, Wales’ national flower, is prominently featured in the hand-crafted artwork, which was created with cut acrylic glass in the style of traditional stained glass windows.

Happy St. David’s Day Wales!

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