Google doodle celebrates St. Andrew’s Day in Scotland

Google doodle celebrates St. Andrew’s Day in Scotland

Scotland celebrates St. Andrew’s Day with this Doodle.The Scottish celebrate their national holiday on November 30 each year with the sound of bagpipes skittering in the air.After Burns Night and Hogmanay, this is one of the most significant dates on the Scottish calendar because it marks the beginning of Scotland’s Winter Festival each year.

According to reputable sources, Andrew and his brother Peter initially worked as fishermen, as depicted in today’s Doodle.St. Andrew has served as Scotland’s patron saint and national icon since 1320.The blue and white national flag of Scotland was established in 1540.The flag, which is also known as the St. Andrew’s Cross, can be found adorning homes, buildings, and even people’s faces in Scotland today.

Ceilidhs are customary celebrations in Scotland that are typically held in cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow.A mix of contemporary pop and Scottish folk music is played as friends and family dance the night away in festive plaid kilts.Cullen skink, a creamy fish soup served with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes), is another national dish.

Scotland, have a happy St. Andrew’s Day!

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