Google doodle celebrates Sri Lanka’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Sri Lanka’s Independence Day

The Doodle for today celebrates Independence Day in Sri Lanka. This day in 1948 marked the official declaration of independence for the Republic of Sri Lanka, which was later renamed the Dominion of Ceylon.

Colombo, the nation’s capital, serves as the site of the official celebrations. Military units and national bands march through the city’s bustling streets and Galle Face Green, a park by the sea. The city is filled with the sound of the magul bera, a double-sided ceremonial drum played by many band members. Citizens gather to raise the Sri Lankan flag, which is depicted in today’s Doodle, following speeches by national leaders and planes taking to the skies. Orange and green vertical stripes flank a golden lion perched atop a dark red background on the flag.

Traditional Sri Lankan dishes like kiribath (milk rice) and varai (fritters) fill the rest of Independence Day. Tea is one of Sri Lanka’s most important exports, and people celebrate the occasion by trying some of their favorite varieties. Additionally, lectures on national history are given at major cities’ universities.

Sri Lanka, happy Independence Day!

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