Google doodle celebrates Senegal Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Senegal Independence Day

Senegal’s Independence Day, also known as National Day, is celebrated in today’s Doodle! After more than 250 years of colonial rule, the young nation signed a power transfer agreement on this date in 1960. Senegal gained independence two months later.

The nation marks its 63rd year of independence this year. To commemorate their nation’s progress, the Senegalese celebrate the holiday with fireworks, parades, performances, and cultural treats. Mbalax music concerts encourage residents to dance to the infectiously rhythmic beat, while thieboudienne (rice with vegetables and marinated fish cooked in a single pot) is enjoyed by those whose feet are less than thrilled.

Participants bravely sing the Senegalese national anthem, Le Lion Rouge (or The Red Lion), and raise the green, yellow, and red Senegalese flag in the air during the massive Dakar parade. The yellow stands for work and wealth, the red for independence, and the green for faith and hope.

Senegal, happy Independence Day!

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