Google doodle celebrates Oman National Day

Google doodle celebrates Oman National Day

The Google Doodle of today honours Oman National Day. The Omani people rebelled against Portuguese rule on this day in 1650, creating the first independent Arab state in modern history.

Oman has a number of significant ports that are utilised for shipping throughout the Arabian Sea. The country was captured by the Portuguese due to its advantageous location along trade routes. The Omanis expelled the Portuguese from Muscat, the country’s capital, after nearly 150 years of Portuguese domination.

Today, Omani people illuminate structures with brilliant white, red, and green lights to represent the nation’s flag, like the edifice depicted in the day’s Google Doodle.

Events for National Day include horse shows, fireworks, and camel racing. The Glorious National Day Military Parade, which follows a royal military salute and marching band formations, is the major attraction of the celebration.

Oman, Happy National Day!

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