Google doodle celebrates Norway Constitution Day

Google doodle celebrates Norway Constitution Day

The Google Doodle for today honours Norway’s Constitution Day, also known as Syttende Mai. The country’s present constitution was signed in 1814, making it one of the oldest in the world.

Norway’s Constitution Day was not extensively honoured until Henrik Wergeland, the country’s national poet, gave a public address in 1833. Henrik’s speech not only kicked off the celebrations, but he also became a symbol of Norway’s independence.

The jubilees moved from patriotism to children in the 1860s, and the day has been centred on the kids since since. Children went with smiles, pride, and a tri-colored flag in hand in the first barnetog (children’s parade) in Oslo. Many people also dress up in traditional folk costumes and sing songs like “Norway in Red, White and Blue” and “Seventeenth of May I’m So Glad.”

Congratulations on the new day, Norway!

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