Google doodle celebrates Morocco’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Morocco’s Independence Day

The Google Doodle of today celebrates Morocco’s Independence Day. King Mohammed V went home on this day in 1855 and started negotiating the nation’s independence.

Upon his return, King Mohammed gave the nation’s path toward freedom’s legendary Independence Speech. A few months later, Morocco was fully freed from French and Spanish rule thanks to King Mohammed’s tenacious negotiating efforts. So, when King Hassan II took over the throne, he decided to celebrate Eid Al Istiqlal on the day his father arrived home (the festival of freedom).

The national holiday in Morocco is observed by participating in parades and hoisting Moroccan flags like the one in today’s Google Doodle. The green five-pointed star on the flag, which is surrounded by a red ground, stands for valour and power.

Local favourites such bowls of babbouche (snails in broth) and harira (tomato, lentil, and chickpea soup), as well as treats like chebakia (fried sesame and honey pastries) and sfenj, are served by sellers along the streets (a fritter-like donut). Morocco’s TV channels air films about the people and occasions that contributed to the country’s freedom, and its people honour those who fought for that freedom.

Morocco, happy independence day!

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