Google doodle celebrates Kazakhstan’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Kazakhstan’s Independence Day

Today’s Doodle honours Kazakhstan’s Independence Day, which marks the 30th anniversary of the country’s declaration of independence with the adoption of the law “On State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

Kazakhstanis celebrate their diversified history and culture on this national holiday, which is home to over 130 ethnic groups. The light blue background of the Kazakh flag displayed in the Doodle artwork represents this vast diversity, as does the sky under which the old nomadic peoples of this region travelled. It is customary for the government to honour great Kazakh leaders in the sectors of culture, sports, education, and health on the eve of Independence Day for their services to the country.

Kazakh officials emphasise the need of reflecting on previous hardships while focusing on actions to support continuing progress as the country approaches its fourth decade of independence. Citizens continue the historical Kazakh tradition of planting trees to protect the environment in celebration of the day.

Happy Independence Day, Kazakhstan!

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