Google doodle celebrates International Women’s Day

Google doodle celebrates International Women’s Day

A doodle has been created by Google to commemorate International Women’s Day this year. Additionally, it is a day to honor women who have contributed significantly to our lives as mothers, wives, sisters, or friends. The United Nations established International Women’s Day in 1977.

Each “GOOGLE” letter’s vignettes highlight just a few of the many ways women around the world work together to advance and enhance one another’s quality of life.

Alyssa Winans, an artist, created this year’s International Women’s Day Google doodle. This year, our theme was “women supporting women,” so I had a lot of time to think about all the ways other women in my life have helped me. Since I’m the youngest of three girls, I’ve always benefited from the guidance and support of my parents! Alyssa Winans said, “I’m grateful for that and all the ways I see women in my life standing up for each other and their values.” She was talking about how she came up with the idea for this Google doodle.

“Women with power who push for change on issues that are important to women’s lives everywhere. Women who gather to investigate, gain knowledge, and fight for their rights. Women who take care of people of all backgrounds as their primary caregivers. Goodle Doodle wrote, “Women who are critical support systems for each other in motherhood.”

This year’s UN theme is “DigitALL: Technology and innovation for gender equality.” It demonstrates that while technology is essential to the advancement of rights, a growing digital gender gap is affecting everything from job opportunities for women to online safety. The United Nations estimates that 259 million fewer women than men have access to the internet, and women are significantly underrepresented in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Happy International Women’s Day in honor of women all over the world who support one another in all aspects of life!

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