Google doodle celebrates Independence Day in Lebanon

Google doodle celebrates Independence Day in Lebanon

The Doodle of today honours Lebanon’s Independence Day! After 23 years of colonial rule, Lebanon won its independence from France on this day in 1943.

In 1920, the League of Nations declared a French Mandate over Lebanon, ending nearly 400 years of Ottoman control. Later, a constitution was adopted to create the Lebanese Republic, which was governed by France.

The President, Prime Minister, and other cabinet members were all arrested, yet France maintained tight control over Lebanon. After intense international pressure, the prisoners were eventually freed on November 22, 1943, which the Lebanese celebrate as Independence Day. Lebanon joined the Arab League and United Nations in 1945.

Everywhere in the nation, people like attending concerts, cultural events, and fireworks displays. The Lebanese flag, which is displayed in today’s Doodle, is carried in grand parades that move through congested city streets. Red stands for liberation, white for peace, and the green cedar tree for everlasting prosperity and happiness. Each hue symbolises a different facet of Lebanon’s struggle for independence.

Lebanon, happy independence day!

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