Google doodle celebrates Estonia 105th Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Estonia 105th Independence Day

The 105th Independence Day of Estonia is celebrated in today’s Doodle. In fact, the Republic of Estonia has two Independence Days, the second of which is August 20 and commemorates the 1991 Restoration of Independence. However, on this date in 1918, the Manifesto to the Peoples of Estonia made Estonia an independent democratic republic.

Early birds can attend a flag-raising ceremony at Toompea Castle in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on Estonia National Day. Orchestras and choirs sing patriotic songs while a blue, black, and white striped flag, like the one in today’s Doodle, is raised into the air. Kartulisalat, an Estonian potato salad, vürtsikilu suupiste, a hearty sprat sandwich, and mulgikapsad, the country’s national dish, are favorites among locals.

An impressive military parade, in which various regiments either roll by on tanks or march through the streets, is one of the other celebrations. Drums and brass instruments blaring as military bands move along Concerts and a speech by the President of the Republic round out the evening.

Estonia, happy Independence Day!

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