Google doodle celebrates Dominican Republic Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Dominican Republic Independence Day

Throughout the Dominican Republic, street performers in jingle-bell-draped costumes dance to bachata and merengue. For Dominicans, this joyful scene at the end of February can only mean one thing: Independence Day! On this day in 1844, the island nation became a sovereign nation, the subject of today’s Doodle.

Independence Day is typically observed on the final weekend of the Dominican Carnival (Carnaval Dominicano), which lasts for a month and culminates in patriotic celebrations. Carnaval Dominicano is the Caribbean’s oldest carnival, having begun in 1520. Dominicans enjoy crab callaloo and cassava bread as the festival’s grand finale each year as dazzling performers parade across the nation.

The Dominican flag, depicted in today’s artwork, consists of a white cross bearing the country’s coat of arms. It makes proud waves from buildings across the nation throughout the year. However, the flag is most visible toward the end of February.

Dominican Republic, happy Independence Day!

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