Google doodle celebrates Czech Republic Freedom and Democracy Day

Google doodle celebrates Czech Republic Freedom and Democracy Day

The Google Doodle of today honours Freedom and Democracy Day in the Czech Republic. Two of the most significant student protests in Czech history happened on this day. Despite being 50 years apart, both occasions were crucial in laying the foundation for Czechoslovakia’s free and democratic society. The occasion to remember those who battled for their independence is provided by the holiday for Czech people.

Thousands of students bravely gathered in Prague on November 17, 1939, to oppose German forces that were occupying what was then Czechoslovakia. In 1989, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, students across the nation took part in nonviolent demonstrations against Soviet control. A few years later, the Czech Republic gained independence.

The 1920 original design for the flag of the Czech Republic that is waving in today’s Google Doodle. The blue triangle stands for honesty and loyalty, while the red and white horizontal stripes stand for peace and nationalism. Before its disintegration in 1992, Czechoslovakia flew this current flag.

Happy Freedom and Democracy Day, Czech Republic!

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