Google doodle celebrates Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Statehood Day

Google doodle celebrates Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Statehood Day

The Google Doodle of today honours Statehood Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina held its inaugural session on this day in 1943 with the attendance of about 200 delegates in Mrkonji Grad (ZAVNOBiH). The nation’s statehood and equality for all residents were restored as a result of this incident.

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina observes a holiday on November 25 in honour of the country’s journey toward independence.

The flag-waving in today’s Google Doodle was adopted by Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1995. It features a blue backdrop with a yellow triangle and white stars that appear to extend beyond the flag. The colours of the flags stand for neutrality and peace, and the design specifically does not reference any political, religious, or ethnic organisations in line with the pluralist culture.

On this day, Bosnians and Herzegovinans reflect on the nation’s past and celebrate its rich variety. Cheers to Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Statehood Day!

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