Google doodle celebrates Albania Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Albania Independence Day

The Google Doodle of today honours Albania’s Independence Day, or Dita e Pavarsis. The Albanian congress met in the city of Vlora on this day in 1912 and decided to renounce Ottoman control.

The festivities get underway in Tirana, the nation’s capital, where the president and prime minister are present for a flag-raising ceremony. The national flag of Albania is shown in today’s art as having a red backdrop and a black two-headed eagle in the middle. On this day in 1912, the flag was flown for the first time. As a show of patriotic pride, it is draped over windows, balconies, and even persons on Independence Day.

Another well-liked holiday travel destination is the city of Vlora. Albanians pay respects to those who battled for freedom by going to the imposing Monument of Independence at Flag Square. The monument, which was created by renowned national sculptors Muntaz Dhrami and Kristaq Rama, features well-known figures from the Albanian Independence movement.

Happy Independence Day, Albania!

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