Famous Marathi actor Santosh Juvekar plays a lead role in web series ‘Hidden’

Famous Marathi actor Santosh Juvekar plays a lead role in web series ‘Hidden’

Well known Marathi entertainer Santosh Juvekar has a lead role in the web series ‘Covered up’. Reacting to this, he said, “I have a very different role in ‘Hidden’. I am playing the role of ACP Pradeep Raje in it. This experience is exciting for me. Our team has worked hard to create this web series. “The audience has reacted to the ‘poster’ as soon as it was unveiled for the first time. We are satisfied that our hard work has paid off. What’s hidden in ‘Hidden’? The mystery will come out on July 16th on ‘Ping Pong’ OTT”.

Jeevan Babanrao Jadhav, a well-known entrepreneur from Maharashtra has launched another OTT stage Ping Pong through ‘Ping Pong Entertainment Pvt Ltd’ which is solely for the amusement of Indian audiences across the globe. On this OTT, watchers will see totally different and energizing new web series, web films, Bollywood, Hollywood motion pictures just as other entertainment shows. Talking on the ‘Covered up’ web series, Jeevan Babanrao Jadhav, CMD of the channel said, “‘Hidden’ is a major web series. Numerous acclaimed entertainers have assumed a significant part in this web series. Its contributions are totally extraordinary entertainment and interesting to the audience.

Author chief Vishal Sawant said, “The name suggests that there is something hidden in it and to know what is hidden, people need to watch all the seasons from this webseries. All the characters are fictional. ‘Hidden’ depicts the story of the gangster world. Fast-paced incidents between criminals and police will captivate the audience. The poster of ‘Hidden’ with dark look is generating intense curiosity.”

‘Hidden’ has been produced by Vishal P. Salecha and Mahesh Patel for “Ping Pong Entertainment Pvt. Ltd’. Furthermore, is written and directed by Vishal Sawant. Shot by Kamal Singh and music coordinated by Rashid Khan. ‘Covered up’ stars Santosh Juvekar, Sanjay Sonu, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Jeet Singh, Manveer Chaudhary, Pankaj Mishra, Rajat Verma, Rohit Parshuram and Sandeep Pathak.

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