How to Watch the Met Gala 2024: A Guide of the Theme, Hosts and Everything you need to know

How to Watch the Met Gala 2024: A Guide of the Theme, Hosts and Everything you need to know

What is the Met Gala?

Officially, this is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Fundraiser, a black tie event held the first Monday in May to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fashion department. It is the only self-funded curatorial department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Unofficially, it’s the party of the year, the East Coast Oscars, and the “A.T.M.” for the Metropolitan Museum of Art” (last, according to publicist Paul Willmott). Consider that the Met’s Art & Artist He Gala had revenue of $4.4 million, whereas last year’s event revenue was approximately $22 million.

How is this possible? What is the secret sauce?

Two words: Anna Wintour.

Ms. Wintour, Global Editorial Director of Condé Nast and Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue, first attended the gala in 1995 and has been the gala’s main instigator and running partner since 1999. Carried over from the show. From high-end charity galas to mega-galas – the world of Showcase Vogue – the ultimate celebrity power cocktail, bringing together the biggest names in fashion, film, technology, politics, sports and, increasingly, social media. Every brand hurts every other brand.

We think of this as the Fashion X Games, or the All-Star Game of Admissions.

When is it?

The big day is Monday, May 6th. In theory, timed arrivals (each guest is assigned a time slot) typically start at 5:30 PM and end around 8:00 PM at the host’s home for the evening. But you’re trying to tell Rihanna when to show up. (Last year, she arrived late and the other guests had already left.)

Is there a theme?

This party marks the opening of Costume His Institute’s annual blockbuster Show, a fundraiser typically held for the exhibition. Last year was easy. Karl Lagerfeld, designer of Chanel, Fendi and his own brand, was the theme and the dress code. But this year’s show, called “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” is more complex.

Rather than fairy tales or Disney stories, but present treasures from the museum’s fashion collection that are too old and delicate to hang on mannequins. What will be on display instead will be 3D replicas of A.I. works, as well as sounds and…smells. But that’s not all.

Andrew Bolton, the chief curator of the Costume Institute, was inspired by the concept of deteriorating dresses—the exhibition will feature over 250 items spanning four centuries—to consider the transience of nature, which led him to consider gardens, which in turn inspired the dress code for the celebration.

OK, what’s the dress code?

It can be as confusing as the exhibition. Guests were instructed to prepare for “The Garden of Time,” named after the short story by J.G. From 1962. The Ballad is the story of an aristocratic couple living in a walled mansion with a magical garden, but their peaceful life is threatened by an invading mob. To keep the crowds at bay, the husband tries to turn back time by breaking off flower after flower until there are none left. A mob arrives and plunders the mansion, turning the two nobles into stone.

When you think of “fashion”, it’s what comes to mind, right?

The clever way this parable is presented confuses many people, but for those who are confused, the rose is the most likely solution. Plus corsets, drapery, and preferably a great vintage dress or two. Given his recent popularity, smart money is eyeing the return of the former Galliano.

Still, there may be some surprises. Last year, Jared Leto appeared in all his kitty glory as Mr. Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette. (After weeks of speculation, the inspiration for this look ultimately didn’t come to fruition.) Loewe is one of the sponsors of the evening and exhibition, so Jonathan Anderson and his many You can look forward to the works. He once made a court with real grass growing on it. Wouldn’t this look great as a formal cover?

Who are the hosts?

In addition to Wintour, the 2024 Gala co-chairs include Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny, and honorary chairs are Loewe’s Anderson and TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will be in charge. (TikTok is a sponsor, along with Loewe and Condé Nast, but given what’s going on with social media companies in Washington right now, it’s doubtful he’ll actually show up.) Like the party itself. Everything also depends on the combination of organizers. A mix of music, movies, fashion and social media.

Who will be hosting the livestream?

To get a glimpse of the gala, Vogue will be livestreaming the event for the fourth year in a row. Hosts have not yet been announced, but last year’s list included La La Anthony, Derek Blasberg, Emma Chamberlain and Chloe Fineman.

Who will be invited?

The guest list is kept under wraps. The Met Gala is an invitation-only event, in contrast to other cultural fund-raisers such as the Frick Collection Young Fellows Ball or the Metropolitan Opera gala. Price is not the only factor in entry; a single ticket this year costs an astounding $75,000, which is $25,000 higher than it did the year before. Tables start at $350,000. Anna believes that buzz, achievement, and beauty are more important criteria for inclusion than financial gain. The final authority over each invitation and guest is held by Ms. Wintour.

This means that even if you donate a large amount of money to a museum, you are not necessarily entitled to receive it. And even if a company buys a table, it can’t choose everyone to sit at that table. All guests must be asked for and approved by Mr. Wintour and Mr. Vogue. According to a Costume Institute spokesperson, about 400 items will be selected this year, just like in 2023.

Rihanna has confirmed her existence. Considering her host, it’s a pretty safe bet that Ms. Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck, will also be in attendance. So does Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky. Loewe faces such as Greta Lee, Josh O’Connor, Taylor Russell and Jamie Dornan are also likely to be in attendance. Judging by past years, we’ll probably see a Kardashian and Jenner or two, and Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are likely to drop out – the hottest speculation is Caitlin Clark, Sam Altman, And while it’s around names like current celebrities – the king-go couple, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey.

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