Double Cicada Brood 2024: Google Doodle Celebrates the “Cicada-Geddon” Event

Double Cicada Brood 2024: Google Doodle Celebrates the “Cicada-Geddon” Event

This Doodle honors “cicada-geddon,” the event on which two cicadas broods, XIII and XIX, will begin to emerge from the soil. It is both unusual and uncommon to observe this kind of thing. These two broods haven’t been seen together in the United States for almost 200 years! Every 17 years, brood XII develops in the Midwest, and every 13 years, brood XIX spreads throughout the Midwest and Southeast. That implies both sets of cicadas will be present simultaneously in some states, like Illinois!

These are 2 inch long bugs with iridescent wings and brilliant red eyes that emerge when the temperature reaches 64° F. Cicadas remain above ground for a mere five weeks before disappearing for a further thirteen or seventeen years. Despite the fact that we only see cicadas for a short while, this underground phase accounts for some of their exceptionally long lifespans.

Try not to let the buzzing bother you as the cicada shells pile on sidewalks and trees. Despite not biting, stinging, or carrying poison, these awkward insects fly by the trillions. Also, a lot of forecasts indicate that they’ll be gone from your hair by late June, leaving a feast for raccoons and other local wildlife.

Therefore, there’s no need to get too depressed when this cicada celebration finishes because another group will return soon!

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