Dental Care At Rivers Edge – Specialized Pediatric Dentistry Services For Children In Fort Saskatchewan

Dental Care At Rivers Edge – Specialized Pediatric Dentistry Services For Children In Fort Saskatchewan

Rivers Edge provides specialized pediatric dentistry services designed to ensure your child’s dental health and create a positive dental experience.

A child’s smile can make all the difference in their lives from day one. Rivers Edge understands the role of a good smile in any individual’s life. This is why a child’s smile is their first priority.

Rivers Edge – A Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry Solution For Children

Rivers Edge provides comprehensive pediatric dentistry solutions for children. Their wide range of complete dental care solutions ensures children can maintain a healthy and happy smile for life.

From friendly and gentle customer support to routine check-ups, Rivers Edge ensures children can make the most of preventive treatments and dental education from an early age.

Rivers Edge – Pediatric Dental Services For Children

Rivers Edge, a pediatric dental clinic for children in Fort Saskatchewan, is dedicated to helping children develop a bright smile and healthy dental habits that last a lifetime.

Preventative CareIt is a proactive approach to dental health that focuses on averting dental health issues before they occur. This includes fluoride treatments, regular cleanings, and oral exams to monitor the health of gums and teeth.

Restorative CareThis refers to a spectrum of dental procedures designed to repair or replace decayed, damaged, or missing teeth. This includes crowns, fillings, and aesthetic restorative treatments. These treatments help in improving the appearance of the smile and restore oral function.

Surgical Services & ExtractionThis innovative approach involves the combination of orthodontic treatment along with oral surgery to achieve optimum results for patients with alignment issues and severe bite.

Nerve & Pulp TherapyThis refers to a range of dental procedures that are designed to preserve the vitality and health of the natural teeth by treating the pulp or nerve of a tooth.

Nitrous Oxide SedationIt is an effective and safe sedative that has been used in dentistry for many years now. Nitrous oxide sedation or laughing gas is a type of inhaled sedation that helps the patient stay calm and relaxed during dental procedures.

General AnesthesiaIt is a type of sedation that is used by a licensed anesthesiologist to help the patient feel comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. It is typically used for more invasive or extensive procedures.

Rivers Edge certainly provides exceptional pediatric dentist services in Fort Saskatchewan. Dr. Isfeld, the leading pediatric dental expert at Rivers Edge, makes sure children can enjoy the best dental health and beautiful smiles forever.


















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