Coca-Cola releases its first “Tastes Like XP” flavour for video games

Coca-Cola releases its first “Tastes Like XP” flavour for video games

Coca-Cola has remained out of the gaming industry for the time being, despite soda companies collaborating with gaming brands for years. “+XP,” which stands for “the taste of experience points,” was the brand’s recent announcement that it will collaborate with League of Legends to produce a limited-edition flavor of its Ultimate Zero Sugar soda.

Association players can take part in a progression of three missions to open extreme acts out. The three missions are getting 7 aids a solitary game for A definitive Teamplay act out, procuring 12,000 gold in a solitary game for A definitive Increases act out, and dominating a match in less than 20 minutes for A definitive Rhythm act out. The game launched these missions on June 7 and they will end on July 18.

Each can of the soda contains a QR code that players can scan to enter the “Coca-Cola Creations Hub,” which provides digital experiences themed around the beverage and has been described as “a unique and bespoke collaboration.” For instance, not long from now, it will highlight an Instagram channel that will change you into a “cinematic gaming hero.” At the moment, it has an Instagram filter with the League theme.

The limited-edition beverage is only available in a few markets, such as the United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Latin America, and Africa, according to the announcement. It is not clear how long it will be available in stores. In other Class Of Legends news, the game’s proficient players have started a strike after Mob changed a standard that made numerous expert groups stomach their formative level groups, which prompted cutbacks. The LCS summer season’s future is unknown as of this writing.

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