ClickFunnels CPO Todd Dickerson: the perfect example of how to be successful in internet marketing

ClickFunnels CPO Todd Dickerson: the perfect example of how to be successful in internet marketing

ClickFunnels co-founder and CPO Todd Dickerson has the perfect combination of skills to be successful in internet marketing. “I started out as a software developer, but I wanted more than just coding all day. I wanted to get involved with the entire process–to know what it takes for a product to sell.”  With this mindset, Todd Dickerson became an expert in both technical skills and marketing tactics. He could create great software and he knew how to market it too. “Marketing is about understanding users, their needs, pain points, and what drives them to buy,” says Dickerson. “Developers need to know how people will use what they build.” This insight allows him to create products that resonate with buyers.


Todd Dickerson always had a knack for computers but never thought it would lead him to where his career is today. His love for technology blossomed into a passion in software engineering and web design which led him to designing websites for several companies. Later on, he realized he could do more than just create websites for clients. That’s when the light went off and he decided to fully pursue a career in software development.


Todd has many accolades to his name, but what makes him stand out is his dedication to creating value for his clients– something that he lives by in both his personal and professional life.  Prior to founding ClickFunnels, he was a Senior Developer & Founder of multiple SaaS companies.


In 2014, together with his partner Russell Brunson he built one of today’s most important marketing tools, Clickfunnels. An easy-to-use software designed to help entrepreneurs sell their products and services online without having to hire an entire marketing team or waste countless hours on tech support.  What started as a small project has now become the go-to marketing tool for many business owners across the globe.


Todd’s commitment and dedication has allowed ClickFunnels to grow from an idea in his head, into one hundred million dollars worth of sales. The company is driven by their clients who appreciate the value that he created for them.


His entrepreneurial journey is one of dedication and hard work, but also a product of a great support system. He is grateful for the people who have helped him on his journey, his wife Ashley foremost among them. Without her support, he would not be where he is today.


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