Bubble Tea : Google doodle honors the boba tea and pearl milk tea

Bubble Tea : Google doodle honors the boba tea and pearl milk tea

Is it sweet and milky or tangy and fruity? There is no end to the combinations! Bubble tea, also referred to as pearl milk tea and boba tea, is the focus of today’s interactive game Doodle. Regardless of the flavor, include some bubbly balls made with fruit jelly or tapioca in the mix. Honeydew, matcha, raspberry, and mocha are all examples of flavors. On this day in 2020, Bubble Tea was officially announced as a new emoji due to its worldwide popularity.

This Taiwanese beverage began as a local delicacy and has grown in popularity significantly over the past few decades. Traditional Taiwanese tea culture, which dates back to the 17th century, is where bubble tea got its start. However, the bubble tea we know today wasn’t invented until the 1980s.

The original bubble tea is still being improved upon by waves of Taiwanese immigrants who have brought it to other countries over the course of the past few decades. New flavors, additions, and mixtures are still being tried out in shops all over the world. The boba craze has spread to countries like Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and more thanks to traditional tearooms in Asia.

In today’s interactive Doodle, which features Taiwan’s indigenous Formosan Mountain Dog and a crew of familiar Doodle characters, satisfy your craving and make a delicious bubble tea!

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