Biohacking, Artificial Intelligence, And Cutting-Edge CEO Michael Koch

Biohacking, Artificial Intelligence, And Cutting-Edge CEO Michael Koch

Integrity, passion, and purpose. Three word that describe Michael Koch perfectly. When he walks into a meeting room, heads are bound to turn. And for good reason. Earning a name for yourself in any industry is difficult but when it comes to technology, it’s even harder. The tech world is growing at a rapid pace, where most are having difficulty even keeping up. But for brilliant minds and visionaries like Michael Koch, this is exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

Koch is an entrepreneur who’s been in technology for almost two decades now. He’s founded numerous ventures and has been a part of the best teams in technology and artificial intelligence. And today, he’s not just a part of a team, but he’s a leader of a group of companies.  Of course, all that success hasn’t come easy. It’s more than just putting in the hard work, or staying consistent. The scientific approach that Michael Koch uses is biohacking. Hard work and consistently are just two parts of his whole routine. From waking up at 4am every single day, fasting 20 hours, cold plunges, HBOT, Red Light Therapy, and rigorous workouts, and optimized sleep.  This give Koch the energy to attend back-to-back meetings and being productive for 18hours straight, Michael Koch has truly put in the work to build an empire. “I want to show that biohacking for Executive Performance is essential. Not trendy or weird.” States Koch.

Being an athlete in college, Michael was captain of the Wake Forest University Football team, so rigorous routines and a tough schedule are two things he grew to embrace and then became a necessity.  While most people start off passionate and dedicated with dreams of being extremely productive, most fall of the track quickly. What’s gotten Michael Koch through? It is the passion that he holds for innovation in the technology industry but more importantly the discipline.  Koch says that “you won’t always be motived so you must learn to be disciplined.” He knows he always needs to be his best to create life changing opportunities for others.

Every day, he enters the meeting room with the same intensity and an even better vision to overcoming challenges faced currently. His mind is continually running to problem-solve and become better than it was the previous day. Same goes for his projects and his unwavering dedication to building the best technology for his clients.

With his favorite quote being “The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack”, it’s easy to tell what kind of a mindset Koch has. And he’s absolutely right! After all, without a good leader, how much worth really is the team? You always need a visionary if you want to get far sustainably and that’s what Michael Koch has proven to be.  A leader who will do things others will not do to make his company, clients, and employees wildly successful.

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