Actress-Filmmaker Shreya Patel cast in new mockumentary web series ‘Layla is Relevant’

Actress-Filmmaker Shreya Patel cast in new mockumentary web series ‘Layla is Relevant’

Indo-Canadian actress and filmmaker Shreya Patel, who has so far worked in projects like Netflix’s “Grand Army,” Hulu’s “Handmaid’s Tale” and FX’s “Mrs. America,” will before long start work on her next project.

Patel’s career is now going full speed ahead and she has signed a few Indian shows, documentaries and films, including “Layla is Relevant.”

“I am most enthusiastic about a digital mockumentary series, ‘Layla is Relevant,’ that tells the story of a very ambitious girl,” Patel said. “Layla Khan, a former child star and current nobody, moves back in with her stubborn single mom and her snarky gamer cousin in an attempt to reboot her career through her self-created, self-released reality series. The series will explore Layla realizing that she’s not unhappy because she’s not famous, she’s unhappy because she’s lonely.”

Alongside featuring the cast, Patel is likewise its co-creator and co-writer with Rabiya Mansoor.

The pilot scene of the show will be shot in August 2021, she said.

Discussing the thought behind making a mockumentary, director Shetu Modi, who has gone through 10 years of her life altering narratives and highlight films in a newsroom, said, “Sometimes the characters do or say the most compelling things while their mics are being attached, or when they are walking into a planned shot. While mockumentary is a little different from documentaries because it’s fiction, it’s still an opportunity to let actors improvise and to allow room for off-the-cuff, unplanned moments.”

Aside from “Layla is Relevant,” Patel is additionally the main woman in a movie named, “Strangers in a Room.” Directed by Andre Rehal, the movie will tell the story of a veteran second-generation Korean actor, who after an awful audition, banishes himself in his apartment over the course of the end of the week anticipating the aftermath from all sides.

Patel is additionally chipping away at a documentary as a creative director. Named, “Eakk,” the project is about transgender rights and education in India.

Patel has devoted her life to not just an professional career in film and arts of the human experience yet in addition in social work. She is an honoree of the Women’s Achiever Award for Youth Leadership and CSPN Emerging Leader Award Under 35 in the year 2020.

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