8 Lemongrass Health Benefits You Need To Know

8 Lemongrass Health Benefits You Need To Know

Lemongrass is a genus of Asian, African, Australian, and tropical island plants in the grass family. It is also known by the names barbed wire grass, silky heads, Cochin grass, Malabar grass, oily heads, citronella grass, or fever grass.

A few species in particular are frequently grown as culinary and medicinal herbs because to their aroma, which is similar to that of lemons.

Many previously unknown health benefits of lemongrass have also been found.

The benefits of lemongrass for health:

1. It improves oral health-

Lemongrass’s antibacterial qualities have been shown to assist in the treatment of cavities and oral infections. Lemongrass has antibacterial characteristics that aid in the battle against the streptococcus sanguinis bacteria, which causes gum disease and tooth decay.

Therefore, occasionally sipping lemongrass tea can help ensure your tooth health.

2. For diuretic effects-

Lemongrass is a well-known diuretic in the realm of natural health, according to Healthline.com. A diuretic causes you to urinate more frequently, helping your body get rid of extra sodium and water. If you have edoema, liver failure, or heart failure, diuretics are usually suggested.

3. It reduces PMS signs and symptoms (premenstrual syndrome)-

Lemongrass has anti-inflammatory and stomach-soothing effects for women, making it a natural cramp and bloating treatment.

Instead of using painkillers, drinking lemongrass tea helps to relieve menstruation cramps naturally.

4. It improves digestion-

If you’re experiencing digestive problems, your doctor may recommend taking a dose of lemongrass tea.

Diarrhoea, upset stomach, and other digestive issues can be treated with lemongrass.

Additionally, lemongrass aids in lowering gas and the production of internal gas. Additionally, studies suggest that lemongrass may be useful in treating stomach ulcers.

5. It lessens the risk of cancer

Citral, which is present in lemongrass and which has been linked to a lower risk of cancer, according to research. Other elements of lemongrass also fight cancer, either directly by inducing cell death or indirectly by enhancing the body’s natural ability to fight off cancer.

A chemical found in lemongrass was also found by a team of researchers in 2006 to be able to kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.

Under the supervision of an oncologist, lemongrass tea is also efficient throughout chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

6. It controls blood pressure

Blood pressure can be efficiently controlled with lemongrass. It has a lot of potassium, which lowers blood pressure and lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Drinking lemongrass tea can also lower blood pressure and boost the body’s ability to produce urine.

7. It helps to having good skin-

Lemongrass essential oil that is organic has purifying qualities that make it ideal for skin care. These qualities aid in cleansing the skin, purifying it, and leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Antioxidants are beneficial since they aid in scavenging free radicals that might harm your skin.

8. It reduces inflammation-

Compounds in lemongrass that fight inflammation aid to lessen pain and heart disease. Additionally, it has analgesic properties that are beneficial in treating joint pain, body aches, and toothaches.

Therefore, drinking a dose of lemongrass tea as directed rather than taking medicines helps to reduce pain.

Despite the fact that lemongrass has many health advantages, it is advisable not to consume it without a doctor’s supervision and prescription because moderation is vital in everything we do.

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