2020 US election, did you vote for love or hate?

Don’t hate your enemies, and don’t spend your energy on the people your enemies hate. Instead, pay attention to and find someone worthy of your love and trust. If you really can’t find someone you love, love it. Be yourself, don’t try to believe and love your enemy’s enemy because of hatred, because your enemy’s enemy does not mean that you are worthy of love, nor does it mean that the enemy’s hatred will not hate you.

If 2020 the United States to distinguish what is essential to support the election of the voters and Trump supported Biden’s voters, and that is to vote for Trump’s mostly because love Trump to vote; and vote for Biden mostly because hate Trump And vote. In other words, the difference between those who support Trump and those who support Biden in this election is that one is because they love to vote for Trump and the other is because they hate to vote for Biden. This can be confirmed from the numerous election rallies held by Trump and Biden, the former was overwhelmingly popular and the latter was deserted.

Here we are not going to talk about Trump and Biden, who is worthy of love and who makes people hate. We have to analyze Trump and Biden, the results of the vote to win the support of these two different what the original reason, but the American people can recognize the original reason than anyone else when the United States first 46 president more valuable, after all, every four years We have to make a choice that concerns our destiny.

To gain support for winning the love of the voters, you need to do things that make people trust and respect, so that the voters will love you. And to win the love of others, it has nothing to do with how hateful your enemies are or how loveable your friends are. It is your own business. You must strive to allow themselves to be a worthy person we love, it is very difficult because you have to really not only dry but also says it will do the job. And people love very fragile, to say more or less done is not good enough, will cause people’s concerns so as to you by the love turn to hate, to know that thousands of people get the love, especially which is open in a free and democratic information The United States is not easy. 

Next, let’s talk about the support of voters who win by shaping the hatred of their opponents. First of all, I don’t need to do anything practical. I just need to portray the opponent as a hateful guy and spread the disastrous consequences that this guy will bring to everyone. And in terms of winning love and trust by spreading fear and hatred, it is much more efficient to gain popular support. Because people’s ability to escape pain is far greater than their desire to pursue happiness, it’s like the colorful fireworks at night may not make people get out of the room, but earthquake warnings can have immediate results. In the same way, we want to love and truly believe that a person may have long-term contact, observation and understanding, and to hate a person may only need an unintentional word from the other party to hurt us. Why is the click-through rate of websites that spread pornographic and violent content still ranked first after being suppressed by mainstream society? Sorry, this is human nature.

The dark and negative things in human nature are far greater than the bright and positive things. Many people do not believe in the doctrine of original sin. Then let’s talk about love and hatred in human nature. It is common for the love between people to turn into hate. Most of the things that can change from hate to love between people only appear in movies; people are so passionate about the story of lasting love, whether it is friendship or love. Probably because the hatred passed down from generation to generation is everywhere, but love for life is rare. So while supported by spreading hatred and fear, to secure their position through violence and terror hate education, which is in full use of the dark side of human nature and weakness, which is every good words but evil enough political liar , and A brutal dictator is the best choice to achieve his goals.

So don’t make a choice because of hate. We may choose a person who really hates us in the end. Therefore, if you love whoever you love, vote for whoever. If you don’t love anyone, then let us pray and bless those who vote for love. Love attracts love. Only by giving up hatred can we not be disturbed by hatred. Although we have not found someone worthy of love, let the one who finds love attract us to someone who truly loves us.

Through our talk about the difference between Trump and Biden’s election, it seems that we have learned more about ourselves. Why do most of the people who support Trump are people who believe in God? Do people who believe in God know how to love better? Yes, we need faith in God, because human nature is more easily swayed by desire, motivated by hatred, deceived by lies, deceived by arrogance, and influenced by suspicion. This is what the Eastern Saint Buddha said The five poisons inherent in human nature are “greed, hatred, ignorance, slowness, and suspicion”. So souls who do not believe in God are more likely to fall. It’s human nature to be fond of leisure, eager for quick success, blaming others, bullying and fearing hardship, and being selfish. This can be seen from the actions of most ignorant children and adults with unconstrained power.

So do not believe the premise give the first three feet of the gods, people want to do, “Maintenance”, “self-discipline” to maintain the purity of the soul is like riding a boat and indulgence on a fall but as downstream straight down. Only when a person is guided by God can he become a person who is worthy of love and knows how to love, a person with a noble soul; he must also use the power of God to get rid of the troubles of inner hatred and gain the soul Tranquility and ease. People who hate others easily hate themselves, and vice versa. People who know how to love themselves know how to love others, because you can never give others what you don’t have. This is the so-called thought of heaven and hell.

Having said so many things about people and gods, let’s talk about the religion that connects people and gods. Religions fail, especially Eastern religions. To make people believe in the existence of gods and persuade people to do good, they have made up too many white lies or stories. Because these lies do make many people believe in God, but the lies are ultimately lies. They also allow more intelligent and professional people to see through the lies and never believe God’s words, even if they are the truth.

As for those who believe in gods because of fabricated false stories about good and evil, they are not frowning because of fear and losing themselves every day, or they want to make their lives well by bribing gods and bodhisattvas. They believe in pragmatism instead of gods. We believe that God is not for gaining anything, but for not losing the self-fulfilling self. When you make up a story that good people have rewards to persuade others to deal with the aftermath, there will be a hundred stories about killing people and setting fire to the golden belt to refute you. So any act of fabricating the truth, no matter what the intention, will eventually make you double the gains from lies.

God is everywhere, and our existence is the best proof of God’s existence. Use your own heart to understand, not scientific experiments or theories. Using the so-called scientific laws created by the Creator within the scope of our cognition to judge the absence of gods far beyond our cognition may be the most unscientific thing scientists have done; and the way of deceiving the world by fabricating false facts, To make people believe in the existence of God is the most arrogant, stupid and self-righteous behavior of mankind, and it is also a blasphemy against God, even if he is kind.

Also any results achieved through the dissemination of hate, hatred, whether this is based on real knowledge or false pinching build, eventually will bring the results you expected departure from the harvest. Lies and hatred, no matter how glamorous and impassioned they are, and how righteous and sublime they are, they are always dark things in human nature. What you get with it will surely pay the double price back. This is similar to the law of attraction that is more popular in the modern West.

A flower watered with hatred will never bear the fruit of love. Therefore, when Christ Jesus was crucified, he did not hate those who murdered and betrayed him, but he said to God with love before he died: “Almighty Father, please forgive them, because they don’t Know what you are doing.”

Love because of love, and believe because of faith. Love for a reason must be unloved; faith for a reason must also be unbelief. Only love is the origin of the soul that the Creator bestows on us, and it is given to us unconditionally by the Creator, and only with unconditional faith can we enjoy this unconditional love. Bless all those who make choices because of love. May love and light bathe every soul who desires truth and happiness. God is with us.

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