Zaïbos Prod needs you! A compilation of African rap in 2021

Africa, December 31, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE12 rappers from 12 different African countries! The project is new and has one ambition: to make the most of the continent’s musical richness and diversity. This compilation will not only be in French as the language used by African MC’s is that of the street. It is a mixture of colonial languages and local dialects. An incredible force that needed to be brought to light. To accompany the lyrics, the instrumentals will have consonances and rhythms specific to each country.

This album will be the one of Africa and at the moment, nine countries have already confirmed their presence. These are Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Niger.

This project is a return to the roots for hip-hop. Although born in the Bronx, this musical genre has its distant roots in the history of the first African slaves in the cotton fields. The compilation will therefore show how this culture returns to its origins while adapting to the African environment.

The artists chosen to appear on the album will be committed, cultivated and proud to be African.

The compilation is called LAFRAP’S GRIOTS PROJECT: african rap mixtape

A project as a foundation stone

Naïm Ben Khelifa has been involved in culture – and in particular hip-hop culture for more than 25 years – in French-speaking Switzerland as well as in France. In 2016, he created the Zaïbos Prod. label and has invested in numerous albums, including Chocolate Loops by Swiss beatmaker Juan Lobo and Coup pour coup by Las-Nik.

The project this compilation of African rap dates from October 2020, but is not intended to be a finality.

Following the release of the album, the aim is to organise an international tour and then to raise funds with the desire to have one or more studios in Africa to produce local artists. There is also a willingness to build schools and transmit entrepreneurial education. To ensure the transmission of African history. To train young people to combat delinquency.

The compilation is therefore only the starting point for a large-scale project. It is the success of this first stone in the edifice that will subsequently make it possible to create orphanages and homes, and to make drinking water and electricity accessible to the greatest number of people.

In short, to carry out projects that are useful to the local population. Zaïbos Prod does not wish to confine itself to music and does not set limits on the actions to be carried out on the African continent.

A project to be carried out with you!

The promotion started in a simple but effective way. Every Monday, on the Facebook page of Zaïbos Prod, we present you an MC. The goal is to increase the notoriety of the project and to create a real community. A website is also being created in order to increase our visibility.

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However, the first recordings will start soon and we have set a clear budget.

In order to bring this project and all the hopes it holds to a successful conclusion, we have begun the phase of seeking funding. Sponsors, patrons or investors are all welcome in this fundraising.

For the first stage, the recording of the album, we are looking for 20,000 euros. A sum that will finance the studio recording, the production of the instruments, the mixing, the fusion of sounds, the mastering but also the communication and the production of the clips.

Once this step has been completed, we will launch a participatory jackpot and then a crowdfunding campaign.

See you soon and don’t forget that Zaïbos Prod is not just music, it’s a vision of hip-hop culture!

Contact us :
Naïm Ben Khelifa
0041 79 735 53 65

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