YouTube rolling out new ‘Stable Volume’ feature let users easily watch videos at 2x speed

YouTube rolling out new ‘Stable Volume’ feature let users easily watch videos at 2x speed

It would appear that YouTube is introducing a new “Stable Volume” feature to its app. The platform of the feature has not been disclosed by the platform, and it does not appear that everyone has it yet. The feature was spotted by a few folks, including a Redditor and YouTuber M. Brandon Lee. According to reports, it can be found on the video settings page under the Ambient mode option.

While it’s unclear what the “Stable Volume” setting does and how it works, the name suggests it controls and evens out volume across different videos.

When watching videos from various creators and channels, this could help YouTube users avoid a sudden and sharp volume jump or random decline in volume. The method by which the feature recognizes and optimizes volume levels across videos does not appear to involve any AI.

Albeit the component is in testing, Premium individuals can get to this feature until August 13.

This feature will be useful as right now, clients need to follow a few steps to move up the playback speed on the stage which may be disappointing for certain individuals. Additionally, the company mentioned a feature it is testing that offers users larger previews while searching.

Prior, the company had declared that it was trying a new lock screen feature, which will allow users to disable touch input while watching a video.

It will assist in preventing accidental taps causing pause, skip, or disruption of the video.

At the point when at first declared, this lock screen feature was open to Premium clients until July 30, but at this point, the company has extended it to August 5.

Last month, the video-sharing platform had said that it was trying a three-strikes strategy for individuals utilizing promotion blockers.

In addition, the business mentioned that “ad blockers violate YouTube’s Terms of Service” and provided information regarding the policy’s works.

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