YouTube Music is getting a big redesign on the web

YouTube Music is getting a big redesign on the web

YouTube Music is getting a significant redesign on the web that incorporates a navigation drawer that provides quick access to playlists.

Home, Explore, and Library are now displayed in a navigation drawer that can be collapsed for a nav rail-like experience instead of the top app bar. You can browse through 50 recent playlists with Liked Music and New (podcast) Episodes pinned to the top when the app is opened, which takes a click. There is also a quick way to make new ones.

The play button can be accessed by hovering over it, and tapping it will open the entire playlist. YTM keeps the last open/close state between visits, so you don’t have to interact with it if you don’t want to because it collapses.

Cast is on the right, and the search field for “songs, albums, artists, and podcasts” is located in the app bar.

This is the first major redesign and overhaul of YouTube Music’s web experience since the relaunch, and it looks like Functional tweaks occasionally occur in the desktop experience, but not nearly as frequently as in mobile apps.

The Home, Explore, and Library feeds have not been altered, so you might not need to access them as frequently right now.

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