WWE Raw Predictions: Alexa Bliss Will Eventually Make a Comeback

WWE Raw Predictions: Alexa Bliss Will Eventually Make a Comeback

WWE Raw continues on its way to Backlash, and WWE has already confirmed a world title match for the same PPV, Damian Priest (c) vs. Jey Uso. Jey Uso earned the title by winning a Fatal Four-Way match against Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, and Bronson Reed, and last week defeated another Judgment Day member, Finn Balor. The momentum was maintained. Damian Priest won’t lose his world title in his first defense, but it would make sense for Jey Uso to go for it after winning a big singles match at Mania that was supposed to be about the title.

Three matches are officially scheduled for this week’s episode of WWE Raw: Awesome Truth (c) vs. DIY for the World Tag Team Championship, Andrade & Ricochet vs. Judgment Day, and the recently announced Battle Royal. There is. She became the new Women’s World Champion as Rhea Ripley lost her title last week. As for the segment, Gunter is expected to return to Raw for the first time since losing the IC Championship to Sami Zayn at Mania 40. After Chad Gable’s big heel turn against Sami Zayn in Montreal last week, it will be interesting to see how he views the mid-card scene.

In other WWE Raw news: This episode takes place in Alexa Bliss’ hometown of Columbus, Ohio. There have long been rumors about her return. The welcome and pop of this return is emphatic and memorable, as evidenced by her return to her hometown of Chicago in her punk commercial, and tonight, especially close to the draft, is the perfect return day for Bliss. It becomes. The QR code is circulating on Raw, so it could also be part of the Uncle Howdy storyline. Speaking of returns, Sheamus returned on Raw last week and scored a big win over Ivar.

With that in mind, the below will focus on the three matches announced and the idea of ​​Alexa Bliss finally returning for WWE Backlash 2024.

Women’s Battle Royale [Vacant World Women’s Title]

The two women with the best chance of winning this high-profile battle royale are Liv Morgan and Nia Jax, who are heavily involved in the Raw women’s main event scene. They were the only ones asked about the status of the vacant title on Raw last week. Liv Morgan is the one who knocked out former world champion Rhea Ripley in this long-running revenge tour story, so she has the best story to win and hold the title until Ripley returns from injury. the biggest and most formidable is Nia Jax. There are obstacles on the way there.

Andrade & Ricochet vs. Judgment Day [Tag Match]

Judgment Day is a legitimate tag team here, but Andrade and Ricochet defeat Judgment Day’s Dirty Dom and J.D. McDonagh for the singles championship, which requires a gold medal. will continue its momentum. It’s weird that they need to win tag matches to advance their singles careers, but for now this is only a temporary alliance since they have a common enemy. It’s clear that WWE kicks off the WWE Draft a week before, so this tag team match doesn’t mean much other than giving the two midcarders a solid boost.

Awesome Truth (c) vs. DIY [World Tag Team Championship]

Since Awesome Truth only recently won the belts at Mania, they will need to defeat DIY in their first title defense in order to hold onto the World Tag Team belts. Interestingly, The Miz and Johnny Gargano, the stars of both teams, are from Ohio, which is where today WWE Raw program is being taped. R-Truth’s comparison of DIY to Shawn Michaels and Triple H from D-Generation-X has made this conflict extremely intriguing. DIY still has a chance to advance to SmackDown in the draft and ultimately overthrow Theory & Waller.

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